How to Eliminate the Middleman and Make More Money from Your Used Catalytic Converters

Photo of catalytic converter containing platinum, palladium and rhodium which can be recycled and refined for best prices at Specialty Metals.

New and used car dealers, automobile junkyards, muffler shops, and car repair shops all end up with used catalytic converters on hand. If you’re in one of those businesses, you know that each used converter contains about one-tenth of an ounce of platinum which is trading at $1000/oz or more. The problem is, the platinum in your used converters isn’t located in neat little blocks that you can pull out and sell. It takes a recycling company with specialized equipment to extract and separate the platinum from the converter’s internal honeycomb.

So what do you do if you have used catalytic converters on hand? Like most companies, you probably call a recycler that comes to you, hauls them away, and writes you a check for them. There are plenty of recycling companies that do it, and you probably already use one of them. But does your recycling company pay you for the market value of the precious metals for each converter you turn over? No way. But it’s worth losing all that money because of the convenience that those companies offer you, right?

There is a better way – one that can put more of those platinum dollars back in your pocket, not in the pocket of your recycler...

  • If you end up with 500 or more catalytic converters (or if you can wait until you have that many before recycling them), you don’t need a middle-man catalytic converter recycling company. You can ship your used catalytic converters directly to Specialty Metal Smelters & Refiners for recycling. We’ll recycle them for you and write you a much bigger check than a local catalytic converter company can – and it’s easy. It’s not difficult or expensive to ship them to us. Call us at 800-426-2344 to find out how easy it is, and how much more money you can net from every converter you recycle. But please remember that we cannot accept single converters - we require a minimum lot of 500. 
  • If you end up with smaller numbers of used converters on hand, you can still put more scrap platinum dollars in your pocket. How? Simply team up with some other companies in your area that have used catalytic converters on hand. (They could be auto repair shops, muffler companies, and new and used car dealers.) As a group, you can simply wait until you have 500 or more used converters on hand, then send them directly to Specialty Metal Smelters & Refiners and get more money for every converter. Call us at 800-426-2344 and we’ll tell you how.
  • Start a sideline catalytic converter recycling business of your own. Not a bad idea, right? Just like the converter recycling companies in your area, you can buy used converters at low prices. You can then ship to us for platinum extraction. We’ll write you a check for every ounce of platinum and other platinum group metals they contain. The result could be a profitable sideline business that can produce a solid second income for your company.

So the bottom line is . . .

Why let middle men claim most of the dollars that are hidden in your used catalytic converters, when you can easily claim those dollars yourself? We’ve never heard of a successful company that throws dollars away every day, have you?

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