Use an Organized Recycling Program for Sputtering Targets to Boost Your Company Profits by 10% or More

Let’s start today’s post with a question. When your current car has outlived its useful life, how do you plan to dispose of it? Will you reclaim its residual value by trading or selling it? Or will you drive it into the corner of your backyard, park it, and let it rust? Or maybe just drive it off a cliff?

That might sound like a dumb question. Of course, you will reclaim the residual value in your car. Yet the fact remains that many companies make unwise decisions about reclaiming the value in their used sputtering targets. Maybe those companies don’t realize how much money they are letting slip through their fingers. Maybe they are just too disorganized or poorly managed to bother to reclaim the value in their used production materials.

A Smarter Way to Reclaim the Value in Used Sputtering Targets

Image of garbage can filled with gold dollar signs, symbolizing wasted value of precious metals in used sputtering targets that aren’t recycled by Specialty Metals.

An organized recycling program can pay you back by giving you back 10%, 20% or more of every dollar you spend on sputtering targets, which can contain gold and other precious metals. If you’re spending $500, $800 or thousands of dollars on the sputtering targets you use and replacing them frequently, you can do the math. Letting those dollars slip away makes absolutely no sense.

Whether you own a company that uses sputtering targets or work in one, here are some steps to putting those dollars back in your company’s coffers . . .

  • Track the incoming sputtering targets that you buy. Know what they are, where they come from, and what they cost.
  • Inventory sputtering targets carefully to be sure you aren’t losing any to theft, disorganization, or a haphazard materials recycling program. As the old expression goes, “What you don’t know can cost you.”
  • Store your new and used sputtering targets securely. If you’re in the manufacturing business, you already do that with the products you make. If you’re not following similar protocols for sputtering targets and other materials that you use in manufacturing, now is the time to start.
  • Let your employees know that you are watching and keeping track of your inventory. You don’t want to create a climate of mistrust, but you do want them to know that if sputtering targets disappear, you will know.

Note that inventory management systems and software can help you automate the steps described above. Some use bar codes, QR codes, or even transponders to keep tabs on inventory. If you only use a small number of sputtering targets in your manufacturing, you might not need all that technology. The important thing is to evaluate your needs and implement a system that keeps you protected.

Take the Smart Next Step Today – Contact Specialty Metals

As a leader in the secondary refining of precious metals, Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners will help you understand just how much value you can reclaim from every sputtering target you purchase and then recycle – and then help you design a detailed precious metals recycling process.

Why let dollars slip through your fingers? Call Specialty Metal today at 800-426-2344 to learn more.

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