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What We Recycle and Refine: Gold

For most of human history, gold has been one of the most valuable elements on earth. Gold is a noble metal, one of the least reactive elements and highly resistant to corrosion. It is also a good conductor of electricity. It is used in electronics and wiring, jewelry, dentistry and, of course, as currency and bullion.

Photo of gold bars and ingots, which Specialty Metals refines and recycles from scrap sputtering targets, optical and eyeglass scrap, jewelry and more.

We buy, refine and recycle:
Fine Gold Bullion
Karat Gold
Gold Scrap for Diamond Recovery
Gold Alloy
Dental Scrap
Gold Sweeps
Gold Filled
Gold Plated
Gold Concentrates
Gold Resins
Optical and Eyeglasses Scrap
Gold Salts
Sputtering Targets


Are you throwing away profits by not recycling your gold-bearing scrap? Our customers choose Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners when they’re looking for the best gold refiners and the best prices. That’s why we’ve been the top choice for secondary refining of gold, silver and platinum group metals in the U.S. for over 36 years.