How to Get Top Dollar for Silverware and Gold Jewelry

Did you just inherit silver dinnerware or jewelry that you’d like to dispose of for maximum dollar value? Or did you just come into a quantity of those items by buying a business or a factory?

If you’re facing that challenge, you need to do two things, because your items could hold value in two different ways – as collectibles and as precious metal that can be extracted by a qualified precious metals refinery.

Image showing sterling silver flatware and hollowware that Specialty Metals can refine and recycle profitably for your company.

First, Have Your Silver and Gold Appraised as Collectibles

If you’ve watched “Antiques Roadshow,” you know that some older pieces of silverware and gold have achieved high value as collectibles. There are sought-after silverware patterns, for example, and jewelry made by respected designers. The value of such collectibles is often much higher than the value of the precious metals that they contain. So before you think about recycling your silver or gold items, have them appraised.

To find a qualified appraiser, visit the American Society of Appraisers’ website and use the “Find an Appraiser” database that you’ll find there. Before hiring an appraiser – and you will have to pay for an appraisal - be sure to ask whether he or she has earned any special certifications in appraising the kind of items that you want to sell. Another approach is to visit a well-respected auction house that is located near where you live; most of them employ experts who will look at silver and gold items and tell you what they are worth. There is no charge for those services. It is probably not a good idea to take your items to an antique store and ask what they are worth, unless you have been referred to that store by several people who can attest to the honesty of the establishment. You don’t want to get ripped off, after all.

Image of an assortment of karat gold jewelry, which Specialty Metals can recycle and refine for the best prices for individuals and businesses.

Second, Call Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners

Once you have made sure that your holdings do not have high collectible value, your next step is to determine the value of the precious metals that they contain by talking to one of the best gold and silver refiners in the U.S. Give us a call at 800-426-2344 and tell us what you have. We cannot refine the silver or gold from a small number of items – we only deal in larger quantities of precious metals, although we do recycle smaller quantities from individuals. But we’ll be happy to talk about the metal items that you have on hand and help you plan how to get top dollar value from them.

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