Watch the Gold You Can Recycle from Circuit Boards Pile Up in these Videos

You’ve heard that gold can be recovered from used printed circuit boards and other computer components? That’s certainly true, but until you see gold being removed from escrap, it can seem a little academic.

So get ready to watch. Here are three of the better videos we’ve found on YouTube.

An Amateur Uses Snippers and Scissors to Dig Out the Gold

In this video, an amateur removes a surprising quantity of gold from computer scrap in a very short period of time.

Removing Gold from Older Computer Scrap

An enthusiastic computer recycler explains where to find gold in older computer components.

Snipping the Gold Pins from Green Fiber CPUs

Another computer recycler – again, very enthusiastic – demonstrates how to pull the gold pins from green fiber CPU boards and memory chips, using just a heat gun and a pair of pliers.

One Caveat for You . . .

You will also find a number of videos online that show amateur computer “scrappers” who are using acids and strong chemicals to process and extract the gold from circuit boards and other electronic components. Following the advice on these videos can be a very hazardous thing to do, exposing you to dangerous fumes as well as the risk of getting burned or starting a fire.

You need a highly qualified gold refinery to safely smelt and refine gold from used electronics components and computer scrap. As the old expression goes, do not try this at home.

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