If You Use a Metal Detector, You Should Keep Our Number Handy

Do you use a metal detector? Are you thinking about buying one?

If you’re not involved in the hobby, perhaps you should be. And if you do start detecting, keep our number handy - 800-426-2344 - because lots of hobbyists are pulling valuable quantities of silver and gold out of the ground. Once they find precious metals, they need a top precious metals refinery like us to tell them just what they have.

Shown: hobbyist with a metal detector searching for gold, silver and other precious metals which Specialty Metals can refine and recycle.

Success Stories!

If you’d like to read about some finds that detector hobbyists are making, visit MineLab.com and read the success stories you will find there.

A lot of the studies are fun to read. But if you’d like an even more vivid example of the kind of finds that are being made by hobbyists, here’s a video to watch. It shows hobbyists who are extracting what appears to be a one-ounce gold nugget from the ground in an abandoned gold mine in California. (They need to call Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners to be certain about what it is.) If you’d like to see the moment that the find is made, it occurs at about the 9:40 timing point in the video. (Please be aware that when these guys find the nugget, they get so excited that they start to use a lot of swearwords – “Holy XXXX!” So if you want to keep your watching PG-rated, turn the volume down.)

And if watching this video inspires you to go hunting for gold, please keep us in mind for smelting and refining any gold you do dig up.