How to Get a Fast and Profitable Return from Palladium Bullion and Coins

Have you inherited palladium bullion or coins or bought them as an investment? If you have been thinking about cashing them in, here is some information you should know from Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners.

Photo of palladium, which Specialty Metals refines and recycles from palladium coins and bullion, scrap catalytic converters, lab and dental equipment, electronics and jewelry.

The Market for All Precious Metals Could Be Stronger Soon

Yes, prices have been soft in the last year. But it is wise to stay cued into fluctuations in market pricing so that you will be ready to sell your palladium at the right time. Be sure to monitor current metal prices, updated daily on our home page.

Palladium Bullion and Coins Do Not Require Complex Refining or Processing

Unlike alloys that contain precious metals, they do not need to be refined before they return their dollar value. They are pure palladium and can either be sold as they are or melted into new bars or ingots.

Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners Will Buy the Following Items

We will consider buying your palladium bullion coins, bars, and commercially made ingots that include Canadian Maples, Australian Koalas and Emus, Chinese Pandas, and Russian Ballerinas. In addition, we will purchase palladium bullion manufactured by Credit Suisse, Degussa, Engelhard, Heraeus, Johnson Matthey, and others.

We Refine and Recycle other forms of Palladium Too

In addition to palladium coins, bars and ingots, we are also interested in palladium alloys, palladium catalyst, palladium jewelry, palladium-plated items of all kinds, palladium resins, palladium sponges, and palladium wire. We are leading precious metals recyclers, so call us at 800-426-2344 to learn more.

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