Why Gold Plating Tank Scrap Could Be Worth More than You Think

Have you acquired an old factory where a company used to perform gold-plating operations? Does your business currently plate gold onto other metals, and do you have old tanks and other equipment that need to be cleaned or discarded?

In either case, it’s worth knowing that more dollars than you expect can be hiding in gold plating tank scrap. Here are some reasons why.

Gold Travels

Shown: Photo of gold electroplating tank scrap that customers have shipped to Specialty Metals for recycling.

Shown: Photo of gold electroplating tank scrap that customers have shipped to Specialty Metals for recycling.

It could have adhered to tank walls and electrodes – the easiest-to-see parts of a tank-plating operation. But it could also be hiding on filters, perforated drain covers, sponge that is made of other metals, and even on the inside walls of drain pipes that connect the plating tank to other tanks where used electrolytic solution is collected. With gold currently trading above $1,240/troy ounce, even small amounts of gold are well worth reclaiming.

Stuff that Doesn’t Glimmer Could Still Be Gold

When gold is found in mines and in riverbeds, it glitters and is easy to see because it doesn’t combine with other metals in its natural state. In plating operations, however, it can be harder to spot because other metals can become plated to its surface. The result? The surfaces of plating tanks and other plating equipment may not look as valuable as they are.

Valuable Gold Could Be Hiding in Sludge and Gunk

Sludge and used electrolytic plating fluid might not look valuable, but it is a mistake to toss them out – and an environmentally irresponsible mistake too. Remember too that although dried-up sludge and fluids from old plating operations might look like dirt, they could still contain valuable quantities of gold, platinum, palladium and other precious metals.

Watch this Video to Learn How Gold Plating Works

Here’s a video that shows a simple gold-plating process. Although it shows non-industrial plating being done by a hobbyist, it provides a fascinating review of the basics of electroplating gold onto other surfaces.

To Mine the Value of the Gold You Have . . .

Call Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners at 800-426-2344. We’ll be happy to discuss your gold plating scrap and help you recoup the gold that’s hiding in it.

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