How to Get Big Dollars from Your Small Quantities of Gold Scrap

With gold now trading in the range of about $1,300 per troy ounce on the London Fix, you might be thinking that this would be a good time to hold onto your reserves of gold scrap and wait for prices to rise.

Photo of gold dollar signs that symbolizes how you can get big dollars from small quantities of gold scrap at Specialty Metals Smelters & Refiners.

You could do that, of course. But sending your gold-plated items and gold scrap to a qualified gold refinery could be a good strategy today too, depending on your company’s current financial needs, the quantity of gold you have on hand, and other variables. It’s a business decision for you to make, of course. But here is some information that could help you make that decision in a more informed way.

Certain Items of Gold Scrap Contain Larger Quantities of Gold than You Might Expect

These forms of gold scrap contain more than trace amounts of gold. If you have even a small quantity of them on hand, they could provide you with a good infusion of cash . . .

  • Dental scrap. This includes bridges, bridgework, crowns, bars, inlays, clasps, and even grindings, which are small quantities of gold dust that result when gold-containing dental appliances are cut.
  • Quantities of gold-filled eyeglass frames. If they were made more than 30 years ago – back in the days when eyeglass frames were supposed to be refitted with new lenses, not tossed – they could contain much more gold than newer thin-plated frames do.
  • Quantities of gold-plated decorative items. People have discovered significant quantities of valuable gold in gold-plated chandeliers, candelabras, doorknobs, automobile trim pieces, and even plumbing fixtures. If it glimmers like gold, it could be worth more than you suspect. It’s worth sending to us for analysis.
  • Gold-bearing microchips, printed circuit boards, and older electronic components. Older items, such as the big fat central processing units (CPUs) from older desktop computers can contain more recyclable gold than you expect – sometimes as much as $3.00 worth of gold for each CPU that you recycle. And even newer printed circuit board that are found in cellphones, laptops and tablet computers can contain quantities of gold with value that can really add up.

Want to Know More about Recycling Gold and Gold Scrap?

We are here to answer your questions with no pressure from us . . . and no obligation on your part. Why not call us at 800-426-2344 to learn more?

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