Recycling Catalytic Converters: Will More Diesel Carmakers Be Affected?

There has been so much hoopla about VW’s diesel crisis that it’s easy to overlook the chance that even more carmakers could be affected. We don’t have a crystal ball and we’re not saying that more car manufacturers have engaged in emissions deception. But let’s review who else is selling diesel-powered cars and light trucks in America right now.

The diesel problems start with VW, but will they end there?

The diesel problems start with VW, but will they end there?

Audi Already Has Problems, and Porsche May Be Next

Audi, a corporate partner of Volkswagen, makes diesel cars too. In fact, its A3 TDI (turbo diesel) cars made between 2010 and 2013, and in 2015, employ the same diesel engine, catalytic converter, and other exhaust components as those that are found in the recalled VW diesels (the diesel Jetta, Golf, Beetle and Passat). So if Audi’s retrofitting and “fixing” of diesel cars causes catalytic converters to be discarded, your local Audi dealer could be a source of them too. (Remember, diesel catalytic converters typically contain 5-10x the amount of platinum that gasoline catalytic converters do.)

As for Porsche? They’re being investigated as we write this…

Mercedes-Benz and BMW

Both these luxury carmakers sell diesel-powered vehicles in America. At present, there is every indication that their diesels live up to U.S. emissions standards.


In 2015, Chevrolet began to sell its Cruze Diesel here in the U.S., as an attempt to try to lure customers away from VW’s diesel cars. (Talk about timing . . .) Chevy is still said to have plans to sell the car in calendar year 2016, but who knows? If the VW crisis sours consumers on diesel cars, those plans could change.


Then we come to Jeep, which started to sell its Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel in calendar year 2014. Its turbocharged V-6 diesel engine is made in Europe by Fiat.

What about Diesel Trucks?

Many heavy trucks with diesel engines have been sold over the years in America. Over the years, Isuzu and other companies have sole lighter diesel-powered pickups here in America too. One recent example? The 2015 Dodge Ram EcoDiesel HFE.

And Some Ancient Diesel History

Over the last four decades, Isuzu, Peugeot, Mercedes-Benz and even Oldsmobile have sold diesel-powered trucks and cars here in the U.S. It’s all part of the on-again, off-again story of America’s love affair with diesel-powered vehicles. (Americans do that. The current love affair? Hybrid cars.) Will the VW scandal spell the end of America’s infatuation with diesel-powered cars? We don’t know, but that relationship certainly seems to have soured at the moment.

Do You Have Catalytic Converters to Sell?

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