How to Turn Big Profits by Recycling Old Quarters

Do you own any quarters that were minted in 1964 or earlier? Can you get some of them?

Shown: A 1964 quarter containing at least $3 worth of silver if recycled by a qualified silver refinery like Specialty Metals.

If you answered yes to either of those questions, you could be looking at an opportunity to make a good deal of money. On average, quarters minted in 1964 or before contain 18% pure silver that is worth more than $3.25. In 1984, everything changed. That was the year when the U.S. Mint started making copper-nickel clad quarters for circulation. They contain no silver.  

Those facts can spell opportunity for two reasons . . .

Some pre-1964 quarters in good condition can have high collectable value. According to data on, a mint 1964 quarter sold at one auction last year for $47.15. If you have some older quarters that are in good condition, you should visit a reputable rare coin dealer to find out what they are worth.

Even pre-1964 quarters in poor condition are still worth many times more than $.25 because of the large amount of silver they contain. Again according to, the silver in a single 1964 quarter can be worth about $3.36. If you have some, you should call Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners at 800-426-2344.

Strategies for Finding Old Quarters

Quarters are not exactly rare coins. Millions of them are in circulation. If you keep your eyes open and do a little sleuthing, you can start to build a collection of them that can be worth a great deal of money if you send them to a qualified silver refinery like us. Here are some places to look . . .

  • Watch the coins that pass through your own pockets. Granted, 1964 is getting to be a long time ago. But if you get in the habit of scanning the dates on the quarters that flow in and out of your life, don’t be surprised if you snag two or three of them every month.
  • Check old piggy banks, safes, dresser drawers and other places where quarters or even real silver coins might be hidden away. Maybe your dad or grandfather had a bank that you inherited, but haven’t thought about for years. Whether it is sitting on a shelf or in a drawer, it could be time to open it up and pull out any old quarters. Also be on the lookout for old banks that are for sale in estate sales in your area.
  • Ask your friends and relatives if they have old quarters hiding anywhere. Older people might have quarters hiding in neglected banks or even in the pockets of garments that they haven’t worn in years. If they do, you could have found a valuable resource for them that they didn’t know about.

Want to Know More?

Call Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners at 800-426-2344 and we will tell you how to turn your old quarters into cash.

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