Three Reasons Smart Platinum Investors Are Making a Fortune Today

Many platinum investors are frozen in place today. Although they own scrapped catalytic converters, old lab testing vessels and other items that contain platinum, they are waiting until platinum prices increase before cashing in.

Meanwhile, smart platinum investors are cashing in. Like other contrarian investors, they are moving ahead instead of staying fixated on just one factor as a sign of when to sell.

Shown: chart showing the increasing value of platinum due to increasing demand, which can lead to profits when recycling platinum scrap with Specialty Metals. Credit: TimArbaev/iStock/Thinkstock.

Here are three compelling reasons why this is a great time to recycle platinum today instead of waiting.

Demand for Recycled Platinum Is Very High

Today’s demand for platinum cannot be met by mining. Why is demand so high? There are many reasons. In the medical field, platinum is needed to make a growing variety of implantable devices, pieces of diagnostic equipment, and even medications. In the automotive industries, platinum is needed to make catalytic converters for all those new cars. Platinum jewelry has grown in popularity too, and demand from jewelers is high. And platinum is needed in the aerospace and electronics industries too.

All that results in high liquidity. And smart investors know that liquidity – the ability to quickly to turn investments into cash – is worth more than most other factors when evaluating wise investments.

Large Quantities of Platinum Scrap Are Available at Attractive Prices

As we wrote recently on this blog, an estimated 15 million cars will be scrapped this year. Each of those cars has a catalytic converter, and most of those converters can be bought at attractive prices and recycled by alert investors. And there are other sources of scrap platinum today too, in the form of obsolete implantable medical devices, out-of-service medical equipment and testing supplies, and more. Instead of waiting for the price of platinum to rise, agile investors are snapping up quantities of those items at low prices and recycling them now to extract their value.

Today’s Advanced Recycling Technologies Can Quickly Turn Your Scrap into Cash

If you own a quantity of platinum-bearing scrap, you don’t have to run an ad on Craigslist to sell it. You don’t need to put it up for sale on eBay. You don’t need to argue over pricing with potential buyers who want to low-ball you. If you call us at 800-426-2344, our precious metals recycling consultants will explain the recycling process to you, process what you have, and send you a check for the market value of your platinum.

Make sense? Why not give us a call today.  

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