Sterling Silver Flatware Brands and Marks to Watch For

If you’ve spent time hunting for sterling silver and silver-plated flatware, you know that about 99% of the items you come across at estate sales and antique malls are silver-plated knives, forks, spoons, salad spoons and forks, and the jumbo forks and knives that are used to carve turkeys and roasts. (Note that carving knives usually have silver handles but steel blades.)

Image showing sterling silver flatware and hollowware that Specialty Metals can refine and recycle profitably for your company.

The other 1% are individual pieces of solid sterling flatware. You won’t find individual pieces too often. When you do find solid sterling silver items, they are usually in complete sets that are laid out in presentation boxes. Those complete sets have asking prices that run to $2,000, $10,000, $20,000 or more. Yet the fact remains that individual knives, forks and other pieces of sterling flatware do sometimes “escape.” If luck is on your side, you might find one hiding in trays alongside silver-plated flatware.

Here are some brands to look for. Be aware that if you find even one spoon or fork from one of these prestigious makers, your discovery could be worth a lot of money to silver dealers, individuals whose sets are missing the item that you found, or as sterling silver that we can recycle for you.

Brands to Watch For and Their Stamped Hallmarks

  • Alvin Silver - The word “Alvin,” sometimes over the image of a dragon
  • Dansk Silver - The word “Dansk”
  • Durgin Silver – The word “Durgin”
  • Fine Arts Silver – The words “Fine Arts Silver” stamped in a circle
  • Gorham Silver - The images of a bear and an anchor, accompanied by the letter “G”
  • International Silver – The words “International Silver” or “I. S. Co. Sterling”
  • Kirk and Smith – The words “Kirk & Smith”
  • Lunt Silver – The words “Lunt Sterling”
  • Oneida Silver - The words “Oneida Sterling” or “Heirloom Sterling”
  • Reed & Barton - The words “Reed & Barton”
  • Rosenthal Silver - The words “Rosenthal” or “Rosenthal Sterling”
  • Saart Brothers – The words “Saart Sterling” or “SB Sterling”
  • Tiffany & Company - The words “Tiffany & Company Makers”
  • Towle Silver – A trademark that shows a griffin inside a stylized letter “T,” sometimes accompanied by the word “Towle”
  • R. Wallace Silver – Many hallmarks, including one with the letters “R.W. & S.” and “Wallace Sterling”
  • Wheelock Silversmiths - The words “Hand Made Sterling Wheelock Newport, R.I.”

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