Eliminate the Middleman and Make More Money Scrapping Old Computers

If you’ve visited a hospital or medical testing facility recently, you’ve noticed that older desktop computers have all but disappeared. When a nurse or physician takes a medical history, he or she enters that data into a laptop. Laptops are hooked up to testing equipment. In short, laptops are just about everywhere. A similar transition has taken place in libraries, schools and colleges.

Photo of scrap computers with circuit boards containing gold, platinum and other precious metals that can be recycled by Specialty Metals.

The result is that over the last four or five years, tens of thousands of older desktop computers have been scrapped. Although a lot of that recycling has already happened, it is still possible to find quantities of older desktops that you can buy at extremely low, junk prices. And if you can buy up a quantity of old computers and extract the gold they contain in their motherboards, CPUs, RAM chips and other components, you stand to make a very good profit.

Where Is Gold Found in Older Desktop Computers?

Most of it is found in the gold pins and contacts you will find in these components:

  • The motherboard. This is the biggest circuit board you will find inside desktops.
  • The central processing unit (CPU). This is a square or rectangular chip that sits atop the motherboard.
  • Random access memory (RAM) chips. These are small memory chips that are plugged into the motherboard in rows.
  • Extra installed peripherals, including modems, graphics cards, sound cards, and game cards.
  • Hard drives and disk drives.

Where Can You Find Piles of Old Desktops?

Here are some sources that still yield large quantities of old desktop computers to scrap.

  • Companies that are going out of business or upgrading their systems.
  • Companies that are being sold or auctioned.
  • Hospital and other healthcare organizations that are closing or upgrading equipment.
  • Schools and colleges.
  • Libraries.
  • X-ray and diagnostic centers.
  • Town and city recycling yards.

If you check out those sources and can make some deals to buy or cart away unwanted older computers, call Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners at 800-426-2344. We can help you identify the gold they contain and explain how to send it to us for testing, refining and prompt payment.

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