Four Videos that Can Help You Discover New Sources of Recyclable Silver

We really like hobbyists who spend their time looking for bits and pieces of silver to recycle. Luckily for us, some of those smart silver-hunters like to post videos on YouTube that explain all the places they hunt for silver.

Today, we’d like to share four of their more eye-opening videos with you.

Video One: Silver in Worthless-Looking Electronic Components

This video could raise your consciousness about how smart it is to look for silver contacts in many kinds of easy-to-overlook electronic parts and components. As the silver-hunter in this video demonstrates, small quantities of silver can even be found in old wall switches. And as you know, old wall switches are not exactly difficult to find! He also points out that small quantities of silver are contained in the thin Mylar sheets that can be extracted from computer keyboards. Now that’s interesting.


Video Two: Silver from Older U.S. Coins

In this video, the same silver-hunter returns to explain which older U.S. coins contain silver that can be worth recycling. The interesting angle is his focus on coins that you just might get as change in a supermarket or other store. No need to go hunting for them in coin shops. If you keep your eyes open, they could come right to you.


Video Three: Looking for Silver Quarters in Coin Rolls

This video shows a different silver collector who has obtained a box of rolled quarters from a bank. His strategy is to look through them for older silver quarters. In just one box of quarters, he discovers older silver quarter that will earn him $134 in profit. That’s a good profit for an afternoon of work.


Video Four: Using a Metal Detector Underwater to Find Silver Coins

You can find a lot of YouTube videos that show hobbyists using metal detectors to find precious metals on dry land. This video shows a hunter using a detector underwater to find old silver coins underwater in a streambed or lake.


Where Will You Find Silver?

Photo of silver coins that Specialty Metals can recycle and refine for your company.

The videos we mention today remind us that even though silver is worth less than gold, platinum, it is much easier to find. The result? Looking for silver can put more money in your pocket. If you have luck in your explorations, be sure to call Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners at 800-426-2344. We’ll be pleased to test what you’ve found and might be able to pay your shipping costs when you send us your items. Be sure to mention today’s post.

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