Why Let Tens of Thousands of Electronic Devices End Up in Landfills when You Can Recycle Them and Make Money Today?

In case you think that scrapped computers and other old electronic devices are hard to find and send to us to be recycled, we’d like to direct your attention to statistics that were recently reported in “Electronic Waste by Numbers: Recycling & the World,” an article that was posted on March 12, 2016 on ewaste.com.

Photo of scrap computers with circuit boards containing gold, platinum and other precious metals that can be recycled by Specialty Metals.

Every year, vast quantities of electronic waste are tossed away. Here are some eye-opening statistics…

  • Sixty-eight percent of Americans have unwanted televisions and computers sitting in their homes.
  • About 25 million televisions become obsolete every year.
  • Eighty-three percent of all the world’s new televisions that are 50” or larger are bought by people in North America.
  • Ninety percent of U.S. electronic waste is exported to buyers in China and Nigeria, who recycle it there. (Why not buy it and recycle it here?)
  • Twenty-five percent of people in the U.K. who have old computers simply take them to a dump instead of to a dedicated recycling center.
  • More than five million televisions are discarded every year in the world.
  • The quantity of electronic waste is growing at a rate of 80,000 tons a year.

What Do Those Devices Contain?

As our blog readers know, virtually every electronic device contains circuit boards that contain small quantities of gold. And many devices also contain silver and even platinum.

Why not begin collecting all those devices and sending them to a qualified precious metals recycler like Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners for testing and recycling?

There are many ways. You can run ads stating that you are willing to haul away old televisions and computers, or call hospitals and universities in your area and offer to buy their old desktop computers.

When you build a collection of old units to recycle, call our precious metals experts at 800-426-2344. We will be pleased to explain how you can send your scrap to us to be tested and refined. Why let those tens of thousands of electronic devices end up in landfills when you can cash in on them today?

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