2017 Precious Metals Trends to Watch

Will your gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals increase in value in the coming months and years? Will the demand for recyclable precious metals increase in 2017?

There is no way to predict with absolute certainty. But here are some trends to watch.

The Trump Presidency

Granted, the Trump presidency is more than just one trend. It is actually a bundle of trends, some of which might happen, others that might not. But here are some sub-trends to monitor…

  • A bigger military budget could create a need for more precious metals to make planes and armaments.
  • Further increases in interest rates could also cause increasing investment in gold, raising prices.
  • Withdrawal from trade agreements, if they happen, could cause seismic changes in the valuation of gold and platinum. How? At this point, it is anyone’s guess.
  • New tariffs and duties on imported goods could inflate the value of gold that is already in the United States, due to the basic law of supply and demand.
  • An increase in domestic manufacturing operations, if that happens, could cause increases in the value of gold, silver, platinum and other metals that are used to make electronic devices, vehicles, and other items.
Image of circuit board and recycling symbol representing the value of recycling electronic scrap with Specialty Metals Smelters & Refiners.

The Rise of Solar, Wind and other Alternative Sources of Energy

The demand for solar panels is surging across North America. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, one-third of all the new electricity-generating facilities that are being built today use solar technologies. To meet the demand, more American companies are tooling up to start production of solar panels. This trend will keep the demand high for silver, and will also impact gold, because of microcircuitry that is needed in conjunction with solar installations.

A Surge in the Manufacturing of Small Electronics

Consumers are in love with small electronic devices that include smart watches, smartphones, game consoles, bracelets that monitor fitness activities, and more. Even though each portable device contains only a small quantity of gold, the surge in their overall production numbers has created an increasing need for recycled gold. If you have a quantity of old electronic devices, consider recycling them now.

A Greater Need for Batteries

Although modern batteries typically contain lithium and other rare metals – not necessarily precious metals – the increase in the need for the electrical storage they provide will increase the demand for recycled metals and batteries in 2017 and beyond. Have you noticed that more hybrid, plug-in hybrids and purely electric cars are appearing in large numbers on North American roads? So have we. In addition, the growing use of smartphones and other portable small devices is creating a dramatic increase in the need for batteries.

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