Why Expert Silver Recyclers Have Specialized Skills No One Else Does

Alchemists were medieval scientists who, legend says, were able to turn base metals into gold. Of course they couldn’t do that. Still, some of their discoveries are still being used today. One is aqua regia, a combination of nitric and hydrochloric acid that is still used today to dissolve gold and platinum.

Today, we have an idea for you to think about . . .

Precious metals processing labs like Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners are today’s alchemists

One trip to our state-of-the-art facility would convince you that statement is true. If you visited us, you would see all kinds of different processes being used to process scrap that contains gold, platinum, silver and other precious metals. The processes we use include heating quantities of mixed scrap, immersing scrap in chemical baths, and even mixing liquid chemicals together so that the precious metals they contain precipitate to the bottom.

As we say, we could rightly be called modern alchemists.

Alchemical Treatments of Silver

By way of example, let us focus on just one precious metal: silver, which comes to us in combination with many other metals. Here are some of the silver items that we process for our customers. As you will see, extracting the silver from each of them requires different, and highly specialized, expertise . . .

  • Brazing and welding wire, flux and other supplies, which we treat with heat and chemicals.

  • Silver-plated tableware, candlesticks and other decorative items, which we treat with heat and chemicals to remove the silver plating from the base metal inner structures.

  • Photographic and x-ray films, which are burned and/or chemically treated to separate the silver they contain from other chemicals.

  • Printer’s ink and photo-processing chemicals, which we treat with chemicals to separate silver from other chemicals.

  • Silver jewelry, which is usually subjected to high temperatures to separate the metal from decorative gems and other attached pieces that will be discarded.

  • Jewelry, tableware, knife handles and other decorative items that have silver appliques, which we treat with heat to remove the silver from surrounding metals.

So are we modern alchemists when it comes to refining silver? Do we have the unique skills, equipment and experience to test and refine all your silver scrap?

Yes, we do. To talk over all your precious metals testing and recycling needs, call our precious metals consultants today at 800-426-2344.

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