Nine Places to Find Precious Metals in Your Home

If you want to spend a day hunting for precious metal discoveries, you could visit antique stores, dumpsters, your town dump, or an abandoned factory.

Yes, you could go looking in those places. But here’s a suggestion that could save you time and money . . .

Why not go hunting for those precious metals right in your own home?

The fact is, valuable quantities of precious metal could be located right where you live . . . maybe in places you haven’t thought about in a long time. Let’s take a moment to think about what those sources of precious metal scrap could be.

Valuable, recyclable precious metals can be found in these nine places . . .

  • Old boxes and bins of electronic devices, including laptop and desktop computers, tablets, remotes, cellphones, televisions, radios, and audio equipment. They all contain small quantities of gold.

  • Jewelry boxes and dresser drawers, where small, easy-to-overlook small pins, forgotten coins, and bits of jewelry can contain gold, silver and platinum.

  • Kitchen drawers and storage areas, where pieces of silver tableware could be intermixed with other items.

  • Your garage and workshop, where old electrical devices, unused car electronic devices and tools could contain circuit boards that contain quantities of recyclable gold.

  • Your family safe, where precious metal items that you haven’t thought about in years could be sitting unnoticed.

  • Your bar and rec room, where old barware could contain silver or even gold.

  • Your closets, where you could find canes and umbrellas that are decorated with silver or gold . . . or even a forgotten jacket that has silver or gold-plated buttons.

  • Your desk drawer, where you could find a pair of old gold-filled eyeglass frames, a platinum pen and pencil set, and who knows what else?

  • Your bedside table drawer, where all kinds of interesting things tend to accumulate - everything from pens to small jewelry items.

 Start Looking, Start Making Money

A day of searching in your own home could turn up more pieces of precious metal scrap than you expected. When you find them, be sure to call Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners at 800-426-2344 to talk with one of our precious metals recycling experts. We will be happy to explain how we can test your discoveries and pay you promptly for any valuable discoveries you have made.

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