Why the Smartest Places to Hide Gold, Silver and Platinum Might Not Be So Smart at All

Have you ever shopped online for miniature safes and other “safe spots” where you can hide gold, silver, platinum and other small valuables in your home?

If you have, you know that the variety of products you will discover is nothing short of amazing. When we did some online shopping recently, here are some of the products we discovered . . .

  • A hairbrush with a hollow handle where you can stash jewelry and other small valuables

  • A carved-out book where you can hide small items

  • A fake beer can with a bottom that screws off

  • A false electrical outlet that is really a miniature safe

  • A fake ice tray with a hidden compartment in the bottom

  • A laptop that is really a jewelry box

  • A hollow rock with a hidden inner compartment where you can hide jewelry and other valuables

Great Ideas, But . . .

If you have already bought some of those items and feel secure that your gold, silver, jewelry and other valuables are being protected by them, we don’t want to upset you. But have you stopped to think that the following disasters could easily occur with the items we listed just above?

  • Your daughter borrows your fake hairbrush and takes it away to college, where one of her roommates borrows it for a ski weekend

  • You accidentally return the carved-out book to the library and send it down the returns chute

  • A burglar who is robbing your house thinks it would be nice to enjoy one of your beers, so he grabs your clever fake beer can and discovers the necklace you hid inside

  • Your son tries to plug his laptop into your false electrical outlet and when he can’t, he calls an electrician to come in to repair it

  • While you are away for the weekend, your mother tries to get some ice from your fake ice tray and when she can’t, she throws it away and it gets carted away with your trash

  • A houseguest who is staying with you for the weekend tries to check his email on your fake laptop and when it won’t work, he does you a favor and takes it to an electronics store to be serviced by geeks, who discover your gold bullion inside

  • Your landscaping company runs over your hollow rock with a rider mower and it and its contents are destroyed

There Are Better Ways

A bank safety deposit box is a better choice for safely storing your precious metals, jewelry and other valuables.

And if your precious metals holdings include scrap gold, silver, platinum and other items, we have an even better idea. Why not send it all to Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners? We will test it, tell you what it is worth, and store it securely until you give us permission to process it and send you payment.

Call our precious metals consultants today at 800-426-2344 to learn more.

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