What Is Sterling Platinum?

As a precious metal investor, you are already on the lookout for platinum scrap. You are also on the lookout for sterling silver, even though it is worth much less per ounce than platinum is.

But what about sterling platinum? What is it, and what do you need to know about making money from investing in it?

Let’s look at some facts about sterling platinum that can make you a wiser investor.

Sterling Platinum Is a Made-Up Name

The term “Platinum Silver” is a trademark that was registered in 2003 by a company called ABI Precious Metals, which applied it to a range of platinum/silver alloys that it sold to jewelry makers.

Sterling Platinum Is an Alloy of Platinum and Silver

It is nothing more than an alloy that is typically made of at least 90% silver, with the remainder made up of platinum. In some cases, platinum silver can contain as little as .05% platinum. That’s not much platinum percentage-wise, but enough to justify applying the name “sterling platinum” to it.

Most Sterling Platinum Has a Slightly Different Appearance than Sterling Silver

The presence of even a small amount of platinum makes the metal more resistant to tarnishing than pure sterling silver is. To the naked eye, the alloy can be mistaken for white gold or even for pure platinum. The platinum also makes the resulting alloy a bit harder and more resistant to abrasion and wear than pure silver would be.

You Can Find Sterling Platinum in a Variety of Jewelry

If it has been used to make a ring or other piece of jewelry that was made of sterling silver that was supplied by ABI Precious Metals, there is a chance that it will be stamped with a hallmark that says, “Sterling Platinum.” But other items of jewelry that are made from platinum/silver alloy may not be stamped. In general, sterling platinum is used to make rings, pins and other pieces of ornamental jewelry. Because it is still a relatively soft metal, it has not generally been used to make watch cases.

Testing Is Needed to Determine How Much Platinum Is Present

If you find a bright white ring or other item of jewelry and are not sure whether it is made of white gold, a platinum/silver alloy or even pure platinum, call Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners now. There is also a good chance that the item you have found is only platinum-plated. We are here to test your precious metal items and report what they are made of. Give us a call today at 800-426-2344 to learn more.

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