What Makes for a Spectacular Engagement Ring? Hint - It’s Not about the Gold

We enjoyed “10 Most Famous Engagement Rings in History,” a post on the TheKnot.com blog. It offers entertaining descriptions of 10 of the most jaw-dropping engagement rings ever given. One was a Van Cleep & Arpels engagement ring that JFK gave to Jacqueline Bouvier. It boasted both a 2.84-carat emerald and a 2.88-carat diamond. Not too shabby. Other astonishing rings are mentioned in the blog post too, including immense rings given to Mia Farrow by Frank Sinatra, to Marilyn Monroe by Joe DiMaggio, to Elizabeth Taylor by Mike Todd, to Beyoncé by Jay Z, and even to Queen Elizabeth II by Prince Philip. We can hardly keep up.

Some of the rings listed are made of gold. Others are made of platinum. No matter how the rings were made, it is clear that the metal they contained was playing second fiddle to the huge gems they displayed.

Spectacular Engagement Ring.jpeg

What This Means for Precious Metals Investors

  • You are not going to find a lot of precious metal in most old engagement rings. As stated, engagement rings are all about the gems they contain. If you are interested in investing in precious metals, you are going to have to collect a large number of old engagement rings to come up with significant, recyclable quantities of gold or platinum. 
  • Wedding rings contain more precious metals than engagement rings. You can see that at a glance. A gold or platinum wedding band can weigh as little as 0.75 troy ounces, while an engagement ring can weigh as little as half of that. So if you’re collecting old rings that you would like us to recycle for you at our precious metals refinery, gravitate toward wedding bands, not engagement rings. The good news? Wedding rings were made in great quantities and are not too difficult to find. You can see that by searching for them on eBay.

So, Can You Accurately Test Precious Metals on Your Own?

Do you have gold or platinum rings that you would like to recycle for cash? If you do, call Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners at 800-426-2344. Be sure to ask about the free or discounted shipping costs that we offer on the items that you send to us for testing.

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