Desperate Times? Here’s How to Liquidate Your Precious Metals Fast, for Top Dollar

Back in his student days, our friend Joe was short of cash one month. So to pay his rent, he sold his high school ring to a jewelry shop on 47th Street in New York.

“I took it in, we struck a deal on price and before he even paid me, the guy behind the counter stuck my ring on a mandrel, grabbed a big hammer, and smashed the gem stone that was mounted in it. I left the store with some cash in my pocket, but I wasn’t feeling too great about the whole experience.”

“We Buy Gold”

Well . . . if you walk into a storefront, that’s the kind of experience you can expect when you liquidate a piece of jewelry or other item made of precious metal.  But does that mean that you will always be treated to inconsiderate, shoddy service if you need to liquidate something fast?

Not at all. After all, there are many reasons why people need to liquidate holdings quickly. Some people, like our friend Joe, was short on funds. What’s the shame in that? Other people decide to liquidate their holdings because they believe that the timing is right - they think that the trading price of gold, platinum or another metal is about to drop, and they want to cash in before that happens.

So the message is, no one should feel any shame about wanting to sell items fast.

What’s the Best Way?

We have a suggestion. Simply call Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners at 800-426-2344 and let us offer you some advice and help you. Depending on what you have and what your immediate goals are, we can offer you several choices. We can test gold, platinum and other scrap quickly, tell you what it is worth, refine it, and pay you promptly. Or we might recommend holding onto your metals and then processing them later, at a time when the trading price hits a level that you specify. Or we might advise you to hang onto your metals until current market conditions calm down.

Our advice has been trusted by precious metals investors for years. And we promise you, the experience of speaking to our professional advisors will be pleasant.

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