The False Bottom Guide . . . Where to find hidden gold and other valuables under fake bottoms

Where to find hidden gold and other valuables under fake bottoms

Over the years, people have devised some very clever ways to hide valuables. They have buried jewel boxes in their yards, painted diamonds black to disguise them, stashed gold under floorboards, and hidden jewelry in hollowed-out banisters and behind loose bricks in the basement.

But of all the hiding places people have devised, the most popular one of all might be . . .

False bottoms

And you can find hidden valuables under them.

False bottoms are popular for several reasons. First of all, they make for a private and convenient hiding place. If someone hides valuables under a false bottom, there is no need to dig them up in a yard, pry out a brick with a crowbar, or engage in other labor-intensive activities. The person who hid the treasure only needs to pull up the false bottom he or she created to access the hidden items or add more.

How Do You Make a False Bottom, And Where?

The idea of a false bottom is simplicity itself. All you need to do to make one is to insert a false bottom above the real bottom in one of the places we list just below. That false bottom creates a small space between it and the real bottom underneath where valuable items can be hidden.

Over the years, people have created false bottoms in lots of places, including:

  • Desk, dresser and cabinet drawers
  • Suitcases, briefcases, makeup cases, hat boxes and other pieces of luggage
  • Jewelry boxes and sewing boxes
  • Cigar boxes and humidors
  • Silverware storage boxes
  • File boxes
  • Tool boxes and cabinets
  • Underneath electronic devices, including record players, stereo components and computers
  • Behind mirrors and framed pieces of artwork (although false bottoms in those locations should probably be called false “backs”)

Why You Should Know about False Bottoms

You should know because for a variety of reasons, some people never retrieve the gold and other valuables they have hidden beneath them. Those people might have died, become ill, or simply have forgotten where they hid some of their stuff.

Be sure to be on the outlook for false bottoms wherever you go when you are looking for precious metals, including antique and junk stores, estate sales, and even in junkyards. That beat-down old dresser, suitcase, or cigar box could be hiding items of real value.  

What should you do if you make a discovery? Give us a call at 800-426-2344 and tell us what you found. We will explain how you can send it to us for testing - in many cases we will even pay the shipping costs, so be sure to ask.

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