Is It Gold? Yes! Is It Valuable? Hard to Tell!

Gold-plated and gold-covered items look beautiful - and they look expensive. But even though many collectible items have a beautiful surface of genuine gold, some contain only a tiny amount of the precious metal. Over the centuries, tiny amounts of gold have been beaten thin and used to decorate all kinds of items, even buildings.

How can only one ounce of gold be used to cover the wall of a church, a dozen picture frames, or another large surface? The secret lies in the fact that gold is so malleable that only a tiny amount of it can be beaten into gold leaf that can be applied to other surfaces. Gold can, in fact, be beaten to a thickness of only 0.1 micron. And when that gold leaf is applied to another surface, the result is a surface which, to the naked eye, appears to contain a lot of the precious metal.

Gold-Covered Items that Contain Too Little Gold to Refine or Recycle Can Include . . .

  • Gold leaf-covered picture frames
  • Gold-leaf embossed book covers and books that have gold-leafed page ends
  • Gold-plated eyeglass frames
  • Gold-embossed drinking glasses, dishes, decorative glass panels and similar items  

Gold-Covered Items that Could Contain Enough Gold to Refine or Recycle Include . . .

  • Gold-filled eyeglass frames that were manufactured before about 1960
  • Gold-plated commemorative medals and coins
  • Gold-plated religious medals
  • Gold-plated tableware and dishes
  • Gold-plated smoking and drinking accessories
  • Gold-plated handles on walking canes
  • Gold-plated jewelry
  • Gold-plated cameras and photography equipment 
  • Gold-plated handles on knives and cutlery
  • Gold-plated decorations on musical instruments, pool cues, cigarette holders and other items
  • Gold-plated buckles, snaps and hardware found on luxury-level watch bands, wallets, purses, shoes, attaché cases, and other items

Is It Worth Recycling? Call Our Precious Metals Experts to Find Out

Is that bright golden-covered item of yours worth refining or not? Is it worth $40, $50 or more, or only a few cents? To find out, your first step is to call our gold refining consultants at 800-426-2344. We’re here to explain how you can have gold-covered items tested and recycled promptly for cash.

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