Amazing Things Magicians Believe about Precious Metals


Back in medieval times, alchemists tried to convert silver and base metals into gold. At the same time, magicians tried to use gold to help their clients ward off evil, attract love, or cure various diseases.

Who knew that precious metals could do all that? Who believes it today? Probably only shamans, Merlins, and practitioners of new-age arts. But whether or not you believe that metals possess magical properties, it is interesting to learn what some people believe those properties to be.

Here are some we were able to run down for you . . .

  • Gold has been eaten to prolong youth and promote beauty, sometimes with disastrous results. (During the Renaissance, it was sometimes mixed with arsenic and other chemicals before it was swallowed. Not a good idea.)  Gold has also been worn in jewelry and charms to ward off harm and evil. Can it do all those things? Who knows for sure? But at least it looks beautiful while it is trying.
  • Silver has been swallowed too and worn in magical medals and amulets. But apparently it has never been thought to have incredibly powerful magical properties, possibly because it is less expensive and more common than gold.
  • Platinum wasn’t one of the magical metals used by medieval magicians and alchemists, because it was pretty much unknown in those times. More recently however, new-age practitioners claim that Platinum is a good metal to meditate upon. That could be because it is durable, unchanging and tarnish-resistant. Kind of like we would like to be, right?
  • Osmium, which also wasn’t around in medieval times, is apparently being used these days to promote energy. New age practitioners believe that if you wear an osmium amulet or put some osmium powder into a potion or smear it on yourself, you will experience an energy boost.
  • Iridium is believed to have the ability to clear the mind and lead to truthful insights.

And What about Magical Non-Precious Metals?

A number of base metals are believed to have magical properties too. Good thing, because they let you get your magic done without spending as much money.

So what magic do those cheaper metals do?  You are in for some surprises here . . .

  • Aluminum reflects and deflects evil. It’s shiny, right?
  • Copper, which is a great conductor of heat and electricity, is also apparently good at conducting evil away from the person who wears it. More commonly, copper jewelry has been worn to reduce the pain and swelling of arthritis.
  • Zinc, which is used in alloys of many kinds, is said to be an aid in spiritual growth. And when it oxidizes, it forms a white powder that can be used in a salve to reduce skin irritations and (when spread on the nose) to prevent sunburn at the beach and the pool. That’s not exactly magic, but it seems to work anyway.

But Here Is the Greatest Power of Precious Metals

Gold, silver, platinum and the other precious metals might not have magical properties, but they do have one fantastical power. They can make you wealthy! So if you have gold, silver or other precious metal scrap or items, why not call our precious metals consultants today at 800-426-2344?

Who knows? We might be able to tell you, “Abracadabra . . . you’re rich!”

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