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The Old Tiffany Factory in Newark, New Jersey

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you know that we like to offer advice on where to find platinum, silver and gold scrap in old factories. So we thought it would be interesting and informative to profile one such building - the old Tiffany manufacturing facility in Newark, New Jersey, that has now been converted to residential apartments. It is located at 90 Tiffany Boulevard - where else could it be?

Dominick, T., a friend of ours who grew up just up the street from the factory when it was still operating, tells us that when he and his friends walked by the factory when he was a kid, or when he delivered newspapers there, workmen would often say, “Hey kid!” and give him chunks of silver and even silver keychains. When we did some research about the factory, we learned that Dominick’s story must be true. The factory was used to manufacture silver items, although it seems that for a time some of the famous Tiffany stained glass lamps were made there too.

Here is some information about the building that we found on the website of the company that now operates it as a residential building . . .

“In June of 1887, a local newspaper headline announced the completion of Tiffany and Company’s silver plate jewelry factory in Newark, New Jersey. On this site, Tiffany’s founder, Louis Comfort Tiffany, not only revolutionized past methods of manufacturing but also created an architectural gem. "

“It took six years to complete this magnificent Romanesque style structure with 24-inch thick exterior walls of red brick and brownstone. With its turreted towers, ornamental brickwork and interior courtyard, the factory became a famous city landmark. The cost was $100,000, a considerable sum a century ago, attesting to quality and elegance for which the Tiffany name is still famous today.”

Where Did All the Silver Go?

We would like to know! We do know that Tiffany Manor was beautifully and expensively renovated for residential use. We assume that the company that was doing the renovations took pains to retrieve any silver that might have been hiding under floorboards, behind walls, and elsewhere. After all, this factory was the site of largescale silver manufacturing!

Do You Know a Building where Gold, Silver or Platinum Scrap Are Probably Found?

If you do, we would like to know, so we can publish a profile. After all, old factories are not only fascinating. They often hide large quantities of gold, silver or platinum scrap.

If you know an old building that has historical importance in the manufacturing of precious metals, perhaps you know something that could profit you as a precious metals prospector and investor. If you find platinum or other scrap and would like to know what it is worth, call our precious metals consultants at 800-426-2344.

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