Are Platinum Thefts about to Become More Common?

Maybe It’s Time to Protect Yourself

Have you ever seen the silent movie “The Great Train Robbery” that was produced by Thomas A. Edison back in 1903? Even today, it is an exciting film to watch, showing thieves stopping a train and making off with bags of money and jewelry that they take from passengers.

It makes you wonder what kind of thefts are taking place today. Although statistics are hard to come by, we are willing to bet that of all the precious metals that are stolen, gold still heads the list. Only last year in New York, an alert thief grabbed a bucket of gold from the back of an armored car and simply walked away with it. And that’s only one example of a recent theft. It is clear that a lot of smaller gold items are taken from their owners every year due to home burglaries, shoplifting and down-and-dirty muggings.

Why aren’t there more news stories about thefts of platinum? One reason is that comparatively speaking, not that much of it that is owned by the private citizens of the world. If you walk into a private home, chances are you will find some gold there in the form of jewelry. And if you are a mugger and you approach 10 people on the street, you are almost certain to find that they have some gold items on their persons. Platinum? Less so.

But due to the scarcity of platinum and the growing demand for it, chances are pretty good that we are going to see an increase in platinum thefts.

The South African Platinum Thefts

One example? Earlier this year, police in South Africa arrested a ring of 11 platinum thieves. What were these crooks doing? They were stealing raw platinum from South African mines and selling it to precious metal dealers. Simplicity itself! Steal stuff, fence it, go back and steal some more.

The story sends the message that while you are protecting your precious metals, don’t only protect your gold. Protect your holdings in platinum and platinum scrap too.

One of the best ways to protect platinum scrap is to get it out of your hands entirely and get it somewhere safe. Of your choices, one of the wisest of all is to send your scrap to Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners. We will refine your scrap, extract pure platinum, and send you a payment in dollars that you can simply deposit in your bank or wherever else you would like. Simplicity itself!

To learn more, call our precious metals consultants today at 800-426-2344 and say, “Platinum scrap!” That will start a conversation that will lead to some great options for protecting and profiting from your platinum.

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