Using Other People’s Money to Get Rich in Precious Metals

“Using other people’s money to get rich” is a pretty appealing idea, isn’t it? That explains why the concept is so widely promoted in those “make a fortune in real estate” courses you see advertised around the country. You know what they are - they are big courses that are held in meeting rooms at roadside hotels. It costs nothing to attend them, then they try to get you to sign up for much more expensive courses that teach you to invest in real estate.

Those courses are generally not held by reputable companies, let’s face it. Yet their emphasis on the concept of getting rich by using other people’s money is certainly appealing. Does it ever work? In its purest form, probably not, because nobody is going to knowingly give you a pile of money and say, “Go ahead and invest my money and you keep the profits you make.”

It Doesn’t Make Sense, But . . .

In reality, those seminars are talking about leverage, not really about using other people’s money.

You apply the concept of leverage, for example, when you take a mortgage (with only a little bit of money down) to buy an investment property that you then renovate and sell for a nice hefty profit. You can then pay off the mortgage and walk away whistling, with a nice chunk of cash in your hip pocket. Other ways of using leverage in real estate include buying buildings with a partner; you pool your resources to buy a property that you could not individually afford, and because your partnership allows you to buy something more valuable than you could buy on your own, you stand to make more money. There it is again - the power of leverage. (Which some people might define as “using other people’s money,” which it sort of is, but not really.)

Using Leverage to Make More Money in Precious Metals

If you are investing in precious metals, not real estate, you can apply that same kind of leverage. The strategy is to use less money to acquire more valuable assets that will appreciate more.

What assets are we talking about? Scrap platinum, gold, and silver. They are the only kind of precious metal investment that can potentially allow you to quickly double, triple your investment (or possibly do even better), simply by acquiring precious metals for much less money than they are really worth and then selling them for a nice hefty profit.

You buy a bunch of platinum scrap for $500, for example, and then have it tested by Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners.  It turns out to be worth twice that. So in reality, you have leveraged the value that resides in the metal scrap and used it to make a bigger profit and put more money in your pocket. You can’t do that by investing in bullion or coins, which appreciate gradually over time. But with scrap, the potential is there.

If you would like to have your platinum and other scrap tested, call Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners at 800-426-2344. We are here to help you unlock the hidden value in your metals . . . so you can profit more. 

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