Is Your Company Sitting on Stores of Valuable Precious Metals?

Have you ever worked for a company that was run in a somewhat unusual – maybe even crazy – way? Here are some stories of companies that were . . .

  • A woman worked for an independent jewelry store that was owned by an older man who kept all kinds of valuable things stuffed in his desk drawers. One drawer was full of old pieces of jewelry and jewelry scrap that he let accumulate over years. What was it worth? Another drawer contained checks that he had received, but never bothered to cash. Another drawer was full of quarters and coins. “In a small, cash-strapped business why was he sitting on so much valuable stuff?” the woman wondered. “Why not do something with it?”

  • Forrest Penn, an art dealer in New Mexico, buried a chest that contained an estimated $2 million worth of coins and bullion somewhere in the desert. He doesn’t remember just where. But over the years, lots of people have been looking for it. Now, that’s hiding profits in a rather extreme way.

  • A man bought a laundromat and soon discovered about $5,000 in quarters hidden behind walls, stashed underneath floorboards, and even stuck in a coffee can that was hidden in an exhaust vent. The former owner, who had died before his business was sold, had apparently been hiding small change for years in an effort to avoid paying taxes.

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Those Are Extreme Stories, But . . .

Chances are pretty small that you are working for a company where the owner is doing anything as extreme as what we describe in the examples above. Yet the fact is, your company could be sitting on quantities of precious metals that are worth a lot of money. All you have to do is convince your company leaders to get moving, send what they are hoarding to Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners, and you can become a company hero.

Be on the lookout for valuables like these . . .

Talk to Your Company Owners, then Talk to Us

Your company owners might have become blind to all the valuable things on site that contain precious metals. But you don’t have to be. Tell them that you just might be able to generate a lot of cash, just by calling Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners at 800-426-2344. We are here to test what you have and turn what your bosses might be missing into bright, shiny cash. 

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