Common Industrial Scrap that Can Be Worth Big Dollars

A man who was emptying out a storage building owned by a company that installed security alarms found a storage cabinet stocked with 200 unused key pads. He got excited and got them tested, only to find out that each of them contained less than a dime’s worth of gold. But then there was the guy who emptied out a factory where production lines were designed and installed; he found unused thermocouples that turned out to be worth more than $1,000.

The “White Elephant” Principle

Churches and charities sometimes raise money by holding “white elephant” sales. The idea is that people get to buy a box full of stuff, without knowing what they are getting. Then they open the box and, if they are lucky, they have bought something valuable. Or they open the box and it contains something of low value, or maybe even worthless. (Generally, charities and churches include something valuable, or at least interesting; after all, they don’t want to make their contributors angry.)

A similar process can take place when you are liquidating the contents of a business, a factory or even a home. You find stuff and send it to us for testing, and you then get either a big dose of unexpected money, or you get disappointed. But the fact is, you won’t know what you have until you have us test it for you.

Here are some items that can turn out to be worth more than you expect . . .

Not Sure What Your White Elephant Contains? Call Us

That leftover scrap could turn out to be worth much more than you thought possible. Call our precious metal experts at 800-426-2344 and let us test it for you.

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