New and Improved Drones Are Better Tools for Finding Precious Metals

We haven’t written about drones on this blog for several years. In the time since, some things have stayed the same in the world of drones, and some things haven’t.

What hasn’t changed is that drones are still great tools for identifying places to look for precious metals. It would take you most of a day to walk through an old farm to look for the sites of old buildings, wells, and piles of dirt that are higher than what surrounds them. With a drone, you can complete that same search in an hour or less, then expand your search into other areas.

What has changed is that the quality of video that drones can capture has improved. Plus, you can save your videos on SanDisks. That means that you can shoot a lot of video using your drone, then review it carefully later on, perhaps when you get home and want to take a close look at what you shot. (Note that you are more likely to find promising sites to explore when you are reviewing it in this way than you are when watching only the streaming video that comes from a drone when it is in the air.)

Plus, many drones now offer the capability to return to you automatically, which can go a long way toward preventing you from losing a drone. (This feature is called “Return Home.”) Most all mid-priced drones that sell for more than $150 have it. Plus, some now sense when their battery power is getting low and return to you automatically. (If you have ever spent a lot of time looking for a drained drone in the “great outdoors,” you will appreciate how important this capability can be.)

Not Sure Which Drone to Buy?

You can find lots of advice and information online.’s overview of drones is a good place to start.

A Review of Prospecting Areas You Can Find with Your Drone

Here are some places that you are most likely to find old coins, watches and other lost items. All are relatively easy to spot with a modern drone.

  • Old buildings and building foundations

  • Old walls (coins and jewelry can sometimes be found adjacent to them)

  • Wells

  • Gravestones, graveyards and monuments

  • Streambeds

  • Old paths and roadways

  • Old bridges and remnants of bridges that cross streams

  • Discarded and derelict cars and trucks

  • Mounds and dirt piles, which could be places where people buried valuables

Did You Find Stuff?

Call our consultants at 800-426-2344 and send your discoveries to us for testing. You could quickly learn that that drone you just bought for $350, $500 or more just paid for itself many times over.

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