A New Gold Rush Is Happening in California . . . Can You Cash In?

We have watched stories about it on Fox News and other news channels. We have read about it in the Los Angeles Times and other newspapers. 

What are we talking about? We are talking about the fact that flooding in California has exposed veins of gold that have been hidden for decades. Some of these hidden deposits of gold were apparently not discovered during the famous gold rush of 1849. And now, a lot of prospectors who have heard the news about a new gold rush are heading to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains to pan for gold in streams. Some of them are reportedly using more than pans to look for gold; they are bringing in sophisticated equipment to look for it.

So . . . how much gold are these modern Forty-Niners finding in those streams? 

We read all the stories we could find about this new gold rush and watched still more videos from news programs. Most of them contain profiles of colorful characters who have literally “headed to the hills” in search of gold. They are interesting people, they spin tales, they have theories and knowledge about the best places to pan for gold.

The only thing is that with only a few exceptions, they don’t seem to have found too much of it. (Actually, the person who claims to have found the most gold seems to have panned for it in a stream in his own back yard.) So we are going to express an opinion . . .

There are lots of places where you are more likely to find gold than you will in riverbeds

We have written about many of them before on our blog, but let’s review . . .

We believe you are more likely to find gold in those places than you will in the streams of California, even if flooding has exposed new layers of dirt and sand. So . . . keep looking and keep reading our blog. And when you find something that looks like gold, give us a call at 800-426-2344. We are here to test your gold scrap, tell you what it is worth, and help you get top dollar for all your precious metals.

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