Why Scrap Gold Is a Better Investment than Gold ETFs

A gold ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) is a gold-based investment you can buy as though it were a stock or mutual fund. And like those investments, you can monitor how well your ETFs are performing, and what prices they are trading for. The companies that create and sell gold ETFs buy a quantity of gold bullion and allow investors like you and me to invest in partial ownership of them. Gold ETFs offer convenience – you can call your financial consultant at Fidelity or another investment company – and say, “Buy me some shares in a gold ETF,” and you are off and running with your gold investments. And because their performance is tied to gold trading prices, it is easy to keep an eye on how well your investment is performing.

The bottom line is, gold ETFs are convenient, trackable, and easy to buy. What can possibly go wrong? The price of gold can crater, though that is unlikely. And if the price of gold does in fact crater, that problem is going to affect all gold investments, not only ETFs. So, investing in gold ETFs is a pretty sound investment idea.

Why Gold Scrap Can Outperform ETFs

This scenario illustrates why. Let’s say that you are able to collect half a ton of old dust and gold scrap from a factory that has shut down, and that your cost of getting it comes to $250.00. Let’s also say that you send a sample of that gold dust and scrap to Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners and that we test it and determine that it contains gold that is worth recycling. Let’s further say that you send us that 1,000 pounds of dust and gold scrap and that we are able to extract about 4 ounces of pure gold from it.

If that happened to you and that was what you did, the gold you obtained would be worth about $4,000. So your $250.00 investment repaid you with a check from us for $4,000.

That’s good, right? Yes, it is very good. In fact, far better than the kind of ROI you will generally get from just about any other kind of investment, whether in stocks, mutual funds, gold ETFs, or most anything else.

So our philosophy is, invest in scrap and see the returns it can provide for you.

To learn more, contact our consultants at 800-426-2344. We believe in precious metals scrap and in the high returns it can provide.

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