What Is It? A Guide to New Electronic Gadgets that Contain Gold

We were in an electronics store recently, where we saw a small electronic device lying next to a cash register. We asked a salesman, “What is that thing that looks like a tiny cellphone?”

“Well,” he answered, “it is a cellphone. But it is actually only half a cellphone, because it is one half of a flip phone that broke in half.”

And the funny thing is, it wasn’t half of an old flip phone, it was half of a brand new flip phone. Because, you see, flip phones are back!

That experience got us thinking that a lot of new electronic devices have recently come on the market that can be hard to identify. And because they are electronic devices, they contain small amounts of gold, silver, and possibly lithium if they have batteries installed.

So, what are these newfangled devices that you should be on the lookout for? Here’s our list.

  • Automotive accessories, including back-up cameras, dashcams, and radar detectors

  • Computer projectors, which are shrinking in size and cost

  • Drones and drone peripherals, including drones, drone-mounted cameras, and drone controllers

  • Home security systems, which use small cameras and motion detectors

  • Personal medical devices, including app-enabled devices for monitoring blood pressure, exercise, and blood glucose levels

  • Robotic vacuums and floor cleaning devices

  • Smart audio speakers, usually Wi-Fi enabled

  • Smart home thermostats that can be programmed to turn the heat up or down at different hours, or controlled remotely using phone apps

  • Smart home controllers and devices like Echo and Alexa

  • Smart watches and wrist-worn exercise monitors

  • Virtual reality (VR) headsets

  • Wi-Fi extenders, which plug into home electrical outlets and extend the range of Wi-Fi connectivity

  • Wireless rechargers for phones and other devices

Remember, Even Small Electronic Devices Contain Gold

All of those devices contain a small amount of gold that we can extract for you. So after you have gathered up a batch of 100 devices or more, give our precious metal scrap experts a call at 800-426-2344. 

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