How to Make $100 or More a Day Using Snippers to Reclaim Gold Scrap

Would you like to make $100 or more today by sitting at your kitchen table snipping gold contacts? If you would, here’s what you need to know.

What Will You Be Doing?

You will simply be snipping gold contact pins off the edges of printed circuit boards, using a pincer tool like the one shown in the picture that accompanies today’s post.

What Are Gold Contact Pins?

They are the gold-plated small “fingers” that you will find on the edges of printed circuit boards. In most cases, these pins are made of thin layers of gold that has been plated over copper. Why is gold used in these places? Simply because gold is an excellent conductor of electricity and adding a thin plating of it over copper pins reduces electrical resistance and allows electrical current to flow more easily to and from the board.

What Kind of Electronic Devices Contain Gold in Printed Circuit Boards?

You will find printed circuit boards in:

  • Motherboards, graphic boards, modem cards and other parts of big old desktop computers that you already own, or which you can collect from colleges, hospitals and other sources.

  • Printed circuit boards that are used in laptops, tablets, old remotes, phones, GPS units, and other electronic devices like PDAs, medical devices like CPAP machines, and even thermostats and old home alarm components.

How Do You Remove those Gold-Plated Contact Fingers?

First you need to extract the printed circuit boards from the devices where you found them. Then, armed with your pincer tool, it is easy to snip off the gold contact pins, which are easy to locate at the edges of the printed circuit boards you are processing.

What Should You Do with the Pins that You Have Snipped?

Simply collect them in a zip-closure clear poly bag, a small sealable plastic box or any kind of small storage container you like. After a few hours of snipping, you will have a small quantity of gold-bearing scrap that you can recycle profitably.

How Much Will Your Scrap Be Worth?

Chances are it will be worth more than you expect! Contact Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners at 800-426-2344 to have it tested and valued. In many cases, we offer free or discounted shipping on gold scrap that you send us to be tested.

Is Snipping those Tips Your New Hobby or Your New Profitable Business?

You won’t know until you get snipping and send your scrap to us for testing. You will probably discover that an afternoon of snipping will repay your efforts with more money than you thought possible. And another thing. Snipping gold pins is a lot of fun.