Can You Recycle Precious Metals from Musical Instruments?

At first glance, musical instruments – especially older ones – seem to shine with quantities of gold and silver. You lift the lid of an old grand piano and your eyes are greeted by broad surfaces that are painted with paint that seems to be made of gold. Or you pull an old saxophone out of its case and its beautiful golden finish make you wonder whether you have just discovered something that is worth a fortune in recyclable gold.

Despite all the glitter, those two instruments very rarely contain quantities of precious metals that can be extracted by a qualified gold refinery. The old paint that is used in pianos, for example, is usually made of mica and yellow-toned lacquer, not gold. And the brilliant finish of saxophones is created by applying clear or colored lacquer over brass or (in some cases) silver-plated brass. Yet in some cases, musical instruments really do contain quantities of precious metals that can be recycled. Let’s take a closer look.

Shown: Silver flute containing quantities of silver that can be extracted by Specialty Metals, a qualified silver refinery.

Silver Components on Woodwind Instruments

This is probably the largest source of precious metals in musical instruments. If you come into possession of a large quantity of flutes, clarinets, saxophones, oboes, and other woodwind instruments, the silver that is contained in their keys and hardware could contain quantities of silver that can be extracted by a qualified silver refinery like Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners.

Trim Pieces on Antique Instruments

We are talking about small quantities of precious metals here, but small gold and silver pieces are sometimes used to beautify violin bows, mutes and other accessories.

Gold Plating

Gold plating is sometimes applied to beautify flute mouthpieces, the keys of woodwind instruments, and on other visible surfaces. If you have a large quantity of older instruments that have gold-tone surfaces like those, they could contain gold that can be recycled by a gold refinery.

Electronic Keyboards and other Musical Instruments

Electronic instruments contain circuit boards that can have quantities of recyclable gold. Just bear in mind that the quantities of gold in them can be quite small. But if you come into possession of a number of them – perhaps your city’s schools are disposing of hundreds of keyboards, for example – you could be sitting on a quantity of gold that is definitely worth refining.

Solid Gold Flutes and other Rare Specialty Instruments

Such instruments are rare and valuable. One company, Murumatsu, for example, still makes solid gold flutes that sell for more than $30,000. If you discover an old flute, you will be fortunate indeed if it is anything like one of those. But you never know.

Why not call us at 800-426-2344 and describe what you have. It would be our privilege to help you discover whether you are sitting on a pot of musical gold, silver, or other precious metals.

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