Retooling Time Is a Great Time to Recover Precious Metals

Are you replacing or adding equipment to your production line? Be sure to look in these places where precious metals could be hiding right under your nose.

Unused Welding and Specialty Soldering Supplies

Shown: unused welding rods, sputtering targets and other manufacturing equipment that can be recycled for their precious metals by Specialty Metals.

Be sure you’re not forgetting any stocks of unused welding rods and specialty fluxes. If you’re a jewelry manufacturer, don’t forget any unused stocks of gold or silver soldering wire – even little end pieces and scraps can be worth a lot of money if refined.   

Used Plating Equipment and Sludge

No matter what metal you were applying as a plating, there is probably a quantity of it hiding in old plating tanks, brushes, electrodes, perforated disks, chemicals, filters, mesh and sludge.

Thermocouples, Sensors and Circuit Boards

They were installed in the manufacturing and testing equipment that you are about to discard. If you know how to extract the precious metals like platinum contained in thermocouple wire and the gold in circuit boards, they can yield a surprising amount of money. Don’t know where to look? Call Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners at 800-426-2344 and we will help you.

Shavings and Filings

Don't throw money away! Shown here: silver turnings a customer sent to Specialty Metals to be recycled and refined profitably.

Don't throw money away! Shown here: silver turnings a customer sent to Specialty Metals to be recycled and refined profitably.

They accumulated under and around the manufacturing equipment you are removing, right? Lathes and milling machines throw off large quantities of shavings. Depending on the metals you have been machining and the quantity of shavings you have, you could have something worth recycling. Also: You are saving your shavings and recycling them, not just tossing them out, right? Even if you only have aluminum or brass chips piling up, and not more valuable silver turnings or gold filings, they should be responsibly recycled.

Are You Retooling?

Be sure to call us. There’s no obligation to use our services, of course, but we might be able to help you uncover valuable precious metals in places you are overlooking. 

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