Why Used Thermocouple Wire Is a Top Candidate for Profitable Recycling

If you take a look around your place of business, you’re sure to find some items that obviously contain precious metals and which are therefore candidates for profitable recycling. They could be scrap circuit boards that contain visible gold or used catalytic converters that you know contain platinum.

Image of platinum thermocouple wire scrap, a very profitable type of scrap Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners can recycle for your company.

Those items are obvious candidates for precious metal recycling. But with a little digging, you can also find less obvious, easy-to-overlook items that you can profitably recycle too. A case in point is used production equipment that contains thermocouple wires.

If your operations involve heating things, cooling things, or measuring temperatures, it’s pretty certain that you own some quantity of used thermocouple wire which, if extracted and recycled, can put dollars in your pocket. Why is thermocouple wire such a good candidate for profitable recycling? Here are some reasons you should know about:

  • In many applications, thermocouple wire has a short service life. Much of it is used in high-temperature settings on production lines and elsewhere. The result? It wears out quickly and needs to be replaced frequently. Rather than tossing it, you can implement a recycling program to recapture a profitable percentage of its value. Note too that repurposing worn-out thermocouple wire is generally not possible; because its post-use properties are not known, the only option is to recycle it so that its rare metals can be extracted and used again in new devices.
  • You probably own several types of recyclable thermocouple wire. Extension grade thermocouple wire, found in many kinds of manufacturing equipment, is used to carry thermoelectric signals a long way – often between the place where heat is generated and a measuring device. Thermocouple grade wire is usually found where the heat happens, or used entirely within pieces of production equipment; it generally contains higher concentrations of precious metal than extension grade wires do.
  • A surprisingly large number of precious metals can be found in thermocouple wire. You could be sitting on a quantity of molybdenum, nickel, palladium, platinum, rhenium, rhodium, tungsten, or even gold. With a simple recycling program, you can turn those valuable metals into cash.

How to Get Started Recycling Thermocouple Wire

If today’s post makes you wonder whether you are holding valuable quantities of thermocouple wire – or wonder whether you have been throwing away dollars by tossing it – there’s a simple solution. Call 800-426-2344, explain what you have on hand, hear what we have to say – and get the process started.

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