How Solar Panel Manufacturers Let $MILLIONS Slip through Their Fingers

If you’re in the business of manufacturing solar panels, you’re already an expert in applying thin films. You’re as familiar with applying molybdenum, selenium, tellurium, tin, and other materials as most folks are with walking their dogs. You’re already buying sputtering targets for your thin-film applications from manufacturers in America, Asia and possibly elsewhere too.

No question, you’re an expert. But do you know something else about those metals that can put dollars back in your company’s pocket?

Photo of solar panel production, which uses sputtering targets that could contain valuable gold, platinum, silver, palladium and rhodium.

We’re talking about recycling sputtering targets once they have outlived their effective production life. Not many companies realize that even when sputtering targets have lived out their lives in the manufacturing of solar panels, they can still retain 4%, 10%, or more of the precious metals that they contained when new – and that significant dollars can be reclaimed by recycling them.

If you spend $10,000 each year on sputtering targets, a simple precious metals recycling program could return $1,000 or more to you. If you spend more than that, you can net an even bigger return. It doesn’t make sense to let those dollars slip away.

Specialty Metals Refiners will help you design a detailed recycling process that can help you understand just how much value you can reclaim from every sputtering target you purchase and then recycle.

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