How Business Brokers Can Make Windfall Profits in Gold and other Precious Metals

By definition, business brokers are fast-moving professionals. The sooner they sell a business that they have listed, the sooner they earn a commission. Yet there is a compelling reason why business brokers should slow down a little and take a close look at the businesses that they are listing for sale . . .

Shown: business for sale sign, which could mean there are valuable precious metals waiting to be recycled inside. If you're a commercial real estate broker, contact Specialty Metals today.  

Many businesses contain sources of gold and other precious metals that can be profitably recycled with a qualified precious metals refinery like ours.

If you’re a business broker, you can potentially find valuable reserves of precious metals that you and the seller can cash in on.

Here is a checklist of businesses and the precious metals that you can find in them . . .

  • Antique stores and pawn shops – gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals
  • Any facility with old or outdated computersgold from circuit boards
  • Appliance dealers and manufacturers – cadmium, silver and other precious metals from thermocouples; gold from circuit boards
  • Chemical manufacturing companies - silver and other metals that are found in both solid and chemical suspensions
  • Dental offices and labs – gold, silver
  • Electronics manufacturing companies - gold, silver
  • Jewelry stores and manufacturers – gold, platinum, silver and other metals
  • Junkyards and automobile service and recycling centerspalladium, platinum and rhodium from catalytic converters; gold from printed circuit boards
  • Manufacturing facilities – silver from welding wire; cadmium, silver and other precious metals from thermocouples; gold from sputtering targets; gold and other precious metals from plating tanks and chemicals
  • Old warehousesSilver and other precious metals from thermocouples that are part of heating and air conditioning systems
  • Photography stores, photo processing facilities and x-ray labs – silver from film, paper and processing chemicals

Don’t Let Precious Metals Slip through Your Hands

If you buy and sell businesses or broker the sale or them, remember the advice in todays post. Call Specialty Metals Smelters & Refiners at 800-426-2344 and we can discuss increasing your profits on the businesses you’re buying and selling.

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