Raise Money for Your Favorite Cause with a Gold Drive

A gold drive can be a great way to raise money for religious institutions, charities, hospital or other causes that you support, whether you are a local business, a manufacturer with ties to your community or just as an individual who wants to help a good cause.

Best of all, gold drives are simple to set up and run. You ask people to donate cellphones, old remote control devices, or old eyeglasses. You then send the items that you collect to our qualified precious metals refinery, and we send you payments.

Photo of people in a recycling drive to collect gold-bearing devices like old phones to raise money for their favorite cause with the help of a qualified gold refinery like Specialty Metals.  

It sounds simple, and it is. Yet here are some suggestions for running a successful gold drive.

Select and specify the specific items that you will collect

You can focus on older cellphones, on remote-control devices, on eyeglasses and eyeglass frames – or on a combination of those items. Even in rural areas, it is possible to collect a surprisingly large number of older cellphones every month.

Work with the staff of the cause that you are supporting

The people who work there can do a lot to assure the success of your efforts. They can place collection bins in front of their premises and elsewhere. They can also announce the gold drive in their publications, place articles with local newspapers and websites, utilize their staff to help monitor and run the drive, and provide other assistance to help assure success. And if you are a business, you can use your own location as a collection center as well, strengthening your ties to your community and bringing in additional traffic.

Allow enough time to spread the word

It can also be a good idea to make your drive open-ended – not something that you run for just a few months, but an ongoing activity that will become known and generate income in the years ahead. It takes time for people to learn about drives and to respond. 

Consider involving students

High school students, members of scouting organizations, and other young people today are often eager to participate in projects that help their communities. With just a few calls, you could recruit young people who can go door-to-door, stand in front of stores to promote your drive, and do lots of other “legwork” that can make your drive a success.

Let Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners Help You Succeed

We are ready to help make your gold drive an ongoing success.  To learn more, call us at 800-426-2344.

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