Which Businesses for Sale Have the Most Precious Metals?

Tens of thousands of businesses are currently for sale in America. The variety is staggering – if you peruse listings of businesses that you could buy, you will find dry cleaners, motels, gas stations, beauty salons, health clubs, antique malls, and the list goes on and on.

Shown: a going out of business sign, which could mean a profitable recycling opportunity for you - if you know which businesses are sitting on the most precious metals.

Where Are Precious Metals Hiding in Them?

Today we’d like to ask a question about available businesses . . .

If you’re looking to buy a business that could have untapped quantities of precious metals, which businesses should you be looking at?

That question is well worth asking, because when people dispose of businesses they often do not take the time to diligently assess the value of the assets that they are selling. Sometimes they are selling because they are in financial distress. Sometimes they have lost interest and simply want to dispose of a business. Sometimes they are selling businesses that belonged to relatives who became too infirm or old to run them. Sometimes owners have passed away and lawyers want to sell businesses quickly to settle estates.

In situations like those, undiscovered or undervalued precious metals could be part of the sale. As the new owner, you can use a qualified precious metals refinery like Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners to assess and recycle those metals for an instant return on your investment.

Which businesses are most likely to offer you that kind of opportunity? Here’s a list to consider . . .

  • Any companies that have a large quantity of older desktop computers with motherboards and other components that contain recyclable gold.
  • Automobile junkyards and repair facilities, which typically have quantities of scrapped catalytic converters (containing palladium, platinum and other metals) and automotive computers and other components that contain gold.
  • Chemical companies, which could have quantities of chemicals that contain silver, palladium and other valuable metals.
  • Chemical testing labs, which often have quantities of older platinum lab equipment.
  • Dental labs, manufacturers and dental practices, which often have quantities of gold scrap, gold wire, and gold filings.
  • Electronics manufacturers and retailers, which could have old mobile phones and other consumer electronics that contain gold, silver, and other precious metals.
  • Glass and ceramic manufacturers, which often use silver, chromium and other metals in their processes.
  • Jewelry manufacturers and repair facilities, which often have scrap platinum, silver and gold – both in unsold stock and also in soldering supplies, filings, and residues in plating tanks and associated equipment.
  • Manufacturing companies that welded, plated, or used other production-line equipment usually have quantities of unused supplies. You can also find production equipment that contains gold, cadmium, silver and other precious metals. And don’t forget that companies that performed plating operations could have older sputtering targets that contain gold and other recyclable metals too.
  • Medical device manufacturers and distributors, because many devices for medical testing and implanting in the body (such as pacemakers and defibrillators) often contain platinum, cadmium, gold, silver and other valuable metals.
  • Photographic and X-ray laboratories, which have chemicals, films, and papers that contain significant quantities of silver.
  • Printing companies, which use inks that often contain quantities of recyclable silver.
  • Solar panel manufacturers and contractors, because solar panels are manufactured with silver.

Want to Know More?

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