Best Places to Find Precious Metals in Businesses that Are Closing

How many companies go out of business in the U.S. every year? How many are for sale, and in which industries? What percentage of new businesses fail in their first two years?

Answers to those questions can be found on the websites of the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and even in online listings of businesses that are for sale. The bottom line is, many businesses of all kinds close their doors every year, and it’s happening in every part of the country.

Shown: business for sale sign, which could mean there are valuable precious metals waiting to be recycled inside. If you're a commercial real estate broker, contact Specialty Metals today.

It is always sad to see a business fail – someone’s hopes, dream and dollars are wrapped up in every enterprise. But a business that has closed can spell opportunity if you’re an alert investor who wants to buy precious metals for recycling.

Where to Look for Listings of Businesses that are for Sale or Closing

Some sources of information include . . .

  • Newspaper listings of businesses that are being sold in your area.
  • Newspaper listings of auctions where company assets and equipment are being sold.
  • Online directories of businesses for sale, including
  • Agents at commercial real estate companies, who will be happy to tell you about industrial and other businesses that are for sale in your area.

Businesses to Investigate

Here are some sources of precious metals to look for . . .

  • Automotive companiesCatalytic converters that contain platinum, palladium and rhodium.
  • Dental labs - Gold filings and scrap.
  • Electronics manufacturing and recycling companies - Gold scrap, silver solders and other supplies.
  • Jewelry stores and manufacturers - Gold, platinum, and silver, including silver solders and wires that were used in manufacturing.
  • Machine shops and metal fabricating companies - Silver, and even platinum and gold.
  • Medical testing facilities and labs - Cadmium, platinum and silver.
  • Optical and eyeglass companies - Old eyeglass frames that contain gold.
  • Physician groups and medical practices - Films and processing chemicals that contain silver, medical probes that contain cadmium or other metals, and computers and other electronic devices that contain gold and other recyclable metals.
  • X-ray and photo processing labs - Films and chemicals that contain silver.
  • Heating and air conditioning contractors – Thermocouples that contain platinum, silver and other precious metals.

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