Make More Money Recycling Precious Metals with this Special List of Our Best 2015 Blog Posts

Last year we published a list of the most popular blog posts that we ran in 2014 – the ones that had been viewed by the most people and that had generated the greatest number of comments.

We’ve created a different list of best posts this year. They are posts that contain the kind of useful information that can quickly put a lot of money in your pocket – maybe even in time for the holidays.

Photo of gold dollar signs that symbolizes how you can get big dollars from small quantities of gold scrap at Specialty Metals Smelters & Refiners.

Did you miss them? Don’t worry, here’s a selection. Just click on the name of each post to read it in full.

How You Can Make Tons of Money Recycling Precious Metals in 2015  

Did you follow our advice? Precious metals were trading for low-end prices as we headed into 2015. But if you stayed focused on that, you probably missed out on some great opportunities to cash in on precious metals. Don’t worry, it’s not too late to get moving if you follow the advice in this money-making post.

Can You Reclaim Silver from Printing Ink?  

Yes, silver can be obtained from many printing inks. When you introduce the right chemical into them, the silver precipitates and falls to the bottom. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Make Money Recycling Medical Scrap  

How to buy medical scrap and turn it into dollars. This post tells you how.

Why Low Trading Prices Make Bullion a Better Investment Choice  

We just published this post. Did you see it? Bullion offers important advantages to serious investors, for a lot of very good reasons. Learn more.

Precious Metals Refining: How to Make Money from America’s Great TV Trade-In  

Americans are tossing old TVs in record numbers. Here’s how to cash in.

How to Make Money Recycling Gold Thermocouples  

Did you know that some thermocouples contain gold and gold alloys? They are highly specialized, not the kind of thermocouples or thermocouple wire that you can pull out of old stoves or air conditioners. Learn all about them in this post.

Three Easy-to-Overlook Sources of Silver Scrap  

Where can you find large quantities of silver scrap and small items? Here are some great sources that are easy to overlook.

How to Buy Underpriced Silver at Home and Estate Sales  

Experienced silver-hunters tell us that they find much more silver at home sales than they find in antique malls, where everything has been picked over by specialists. Here’s where to look.

Why Stuff that Doesn’t Glisten Could Be Platinum  

Although platinum doesn’t rust or oxidize, it can discolor after it is exposed to high heat in laboratories. Follow these tips to know it when you see it.

How to Make Money Recycling Medical Scrap  

Valuable and precious metals are used in the medical devices we describe in this post. Read it and start making money.

Three Reasons Smart Platinum Investors Are Making a Fortune Today  

Smart platinum investors are cashing in. Like other contrarian investors, they are moving ahead instead of staying fixated on current trading prices. Learn more.

Cash in Today on Huge Stocks of Scrapped Catalytic Converters  

This could be the best time ever to start a business collecting catalytic converters and sending them to Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners to be recycled. Find out how in this money-making post.

Why Letting Us Test Powdered Chemicals Can Offer You a Large Return and Ensure Your Safety  

Palladium salts are compounds of palladium and other chemicals that are used in the production and testing of stainless and other steels. Learn what they are and how to profit from them.

How to Turn Big Profits by Recycling Old Quarters  

Do you own any quarters that were minted in 1964 or earlier? Can you get some of them? Here’s how to turn them into lots of cash.

Which Businesses for Sale Have the Most Precious Metals?  

If you’re looking to buy a business that could have untapped quantities of precious metals, which businesses should you be looking at? Find out in this post.

Why Recycling Large Quantities of Small Appliances Offers You a Big Payback  

These variables can have a big impact on the potential value of used small appliances that you can find just about anywhere.

These next three posts are a few of the most useful posts you'll find on the Gold Refiners blog. is a part of Specialty Metals Smelters & Refiners, LLC.

What You Need to Know about Recycling Gold Chains  

How to make lots of money recycling gold and gold-filled chains. There’s lots more value in them than you might expect.

Can You Find Hidden Gold in Auctioned Cars, Trains, Boats and Planes?  

How to navigate government and other auctions and find hidden gold.

Where to Look for Small, Easy-to-Find Pieces of Gold that You Can Recycle Profitably  

There’s no doubt you can get rich pretty quickly if you find a big piece of gold. But looking for small pieces can be even better, for reasons that we explore in this post. 

Wishing You a Happy and Profitable 2016

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