Become a Rich Environmentalist by Recycling Precious Metals

Here is an idea for us all to think about on Earth Day…

Recycling gold and other precious metals
is an environmentally sound thing to do.

In today’s post, we’ll explore a few of the reasons why.

This Earth Day, Specialty Metals wants to remind you to recycle your precious metals responsibly.

This Earth Day, Specialty Metals wants to remind you to recycle your precious metals responsibly.

Recycling Allow Earth’s Minerals to Be Efficiently Reused

When you send us old catalytic converters, sputtering targets, dental scrap or other items to be processed, we recover precious metals from them that were mined from the earth years ago. Those same metals will then be reused in new applications that can include jewelry making, medical technologies, electronics manufacturing, and many more. What could be more efficient? That’s just one way that recycling helps to conserve the earth’s resources.

Refining and Recycling Are Kinder to the Environment than Mining Is

Recycling precious metals causes much less harm to the environment than the mining and the processing of ores does. Mining can cause erosion, disturb vegetation and wildlife, release dust into the atmosphere, necessitate the building of roads, and impact the environment in many other ways. Even after ores have been processed, piles of processed minerals are often left behind to pollute groundwater and cause other environmental problems.

In contrast, our refining processes are clean. We do small-batch recycling in laboratories, under tightly controlled conditions.

Recycling Cuts Down on the Use of Petroleum

Mining and ore processing burn gasoline and diesel fuels. Where did those fuels come from? They too were extracted from the earth and refined. Recycling, in contrast, uses very little petroleum.

Recycling Offers You a Chance to Make Money without Opening a Mine

In fairness, you could open a mine of your own and start digging ores that contain gold, silver and other precious metals out of the earth. But we don’t think it is a very good idea. First of all, you are going to need $millions to buy the equipment you need to get started. You’ll have to buy land too – a lot of it in an area with deposits of the metal that you have in mind. Chances are that land will be somewhere remote, like northern Canada or Africa or Russia. You’re also going to have to build roads to get to your mine and transport materials away. Then there are the environmental laws that you’ll have to deal with.

In contrast, you can start making money recycling precious metals today, right where you are. Are you sitting at your kitchen table? Are you in your office? It doesn’t matter, because you can read our blog posts from the past and learn dozens of ways to obtain precious metals and send them to us to be refined for cash.

Are you ready to become a rich environmentalist? Give us a call today at 800-426-2344 and we will tell you how.

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