Five Golden Rings: Have You Got Yours Yet?

For today’s post, we’re sharing a terrific infographic from We know you will enjoy all the fascinating facts about gold that it presents in easy-to-scan form.

Of all the facts that it contains, this one struck us especially . . .

“Humanity has just hit the 7 billion mark. That leaves just under 24 grams of gold to each person on planet earth, or .76 troy ounces or .83 ordinary ounces per person. In an ordinary male gold wedding band at 18-karat purity, there are about 5 grams of pure gold. That means every person on planet earth could own about 5 gold rings. At the current price of $1,750.00 per troy ounce of gold, that leaves $1,326.00 in gold for each person on planet earth.”

So if there is enough gold on earth for each of us to own five golden rings, have you gotten yours yet? I am not joking, because if you devote some time and energy to acquiring gold, you can get to that five-ring, .76 troy ounce figure more quickly than you expect.

Where can you find that gold? For starters, in places like these that you might be overlooking...

In Gold-Filled Items

People tend to dismiss gold-filled items like older watchbands, eyeglass frames, and even cufflinks and tie tacks because they look just a little better than “costume jewelry.” That’s a mistake, because gold-filled items that were manufactured up through the 1960s contain significant quantities of gold that we can refine for you – a lot more gold than you can extract from the gold-plated eyeglass frames and jewelry that are being made today.

Down the Drain

A lot of gold literally goes down the drain and hides there, especially down the drains of tanks that were used to plate gold onto other surfaces. You can find them in older factories that plated gold onto eyeglass frames and jewelry.

In Small Electronic Devices

Lots of people are snipping the gold contacts off computer CPUs and the edges of big old computer motherboards. Fewer people are turning their attention to little devices that also contain gold – smaller amounts of gold to be sure, but they can add up. I’m talking about old remote controls, Palm Pilots and other PDAs, old flip phones – all the small devices that are easy to find and easy to omit from your recycling efforts.

What Can You Find?

Before long, the gold that you find in the items in those three categories can add up and get you a lot closer to claiming the five rings’ worth of gold that Mother Nature has reserved for you. If you call us at 800-426-2344, we can turn your finds into bright shiny new cash.

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