Three Easy-to-Overlook Sources of Silver Scrap

Silver might not be worth a lot of money per ounce – it is trading for a little less than $15.00 right now. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make a lot of money trading it. The key is to collect large quantities of the metal at below-market prices and then call Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners at 800-426-2344 to discuss your recycling options.

Where can you find large quantities of silver scrap and small items? Here are some great sources that are easy to overlook . . .


Well-trafficked pawnshops can be excellent sources of silver. Some shop owners will be willing to sell you silver items because they think that selling silver is “not worth their time.” After all, they can make much more money, and faster, by selling unclaimed gold items. If you are willing to do the “leg work” of visiting five, 10, or more pawnshops and offer to buy their unclaimed silver every month, you can collect large quantities of silver at below-market prices and recycle them with us for a good profit.

Unsold Stock from “Trading Posts” and Silver Jewelry Stores

Look in newspapers and online for businesses that are being liquidated. (They are often listed under “auctions.”) If you find trading posts and silver jewelry stores listed, you could be able to buy a large quantity of silver items. You can also check listings of businesses for sale on If you can buy a large number of silver items for “distress sale” prices, you can recycle them profitably with a qualified silver refinery like us.

Shown: scrap silver turnings one of our customers sent to Specialty Metals to be recycled and refined profitably.

Shown: scrap silver turnings one of our customers sent to Specialty Metals to be recycled and refined profitably.

Silver Scrap, Shavings and Scrapings from Manufacturing Businesses

You can collect large quantities of silver-bearing materials from manufacturers, just like you can from pawnshops. This strategy again requires some legwork on your part, because you will need to buy from a number of sources in order to collect enough silver to recycle profitably. But remember, easy-to-overlook materials from these businesses can contain quantities of silver that are worth recycling; they include batches of mixed metal shavings, grindings, and even dust that is collected from factories where silver is used in manufacturing. If you obtain a sample of these “secondary source materials” and send it to us for testing, we can tell you how much it should be worth per pound.

And here’s another tip that can put money in your pocket. If you go to and search for businesses that are for sale in the categories “fabricated metal products” and “electronics and electrical equipment manufacturers,” you will find businesses that could own quantities of silver, gold and other precious metals that you can buy for very attractive prices.

Your strategy . . .

Buy silver scrap, then give us a call at 800-426-2344. We’re here to help you turn your silver scrap discoveries into bright shiny cash.

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