Are Sputtering Targets Your Best Buy in Platinum Scrap Today?

Are you interested in making money in platinum scrap? There are plenty of reasons you should be. The biggest could be that the new tariffs on items imported from China seem poised to raise the cost of platinum-containing items.

In today’s post, let’s take a close look at platinum sputtering targets, widely used in industry today to plate thin layers of platinum onto other metals. Did you know that China is one of the biggest exporters of them? Well, China is. And if prices rise, this could be a great time to invest in platinum.

Should You Invest in Catalytic Converters Instead?

Many people do, and with good reason. Although the supply of them is flat or even decreasing in some parts of the country, they still contain platinum that can be extracted profitably. However, there are reasons that platinum investors are turning their attention away from them:

  • Catalytic converters can be difficult to obtain. Yes, it can be done. You can, for example, buy them from automotive scrap yards, from muffler shops, and other sources. But it is not easy.

  • They are bulky and difficult to store. Even if you can collect a few hundred of them, you have to store them somewhere. If you have a junk yard, you are in business. But if not, you have to store them in a garage, in your backyard under a tarp, or in some kind of temporary storage facility that you rent. Granted, they are inert and won’t pose a fire hazard. But storing them is inconvenient and can be costly.

  • They are not standardized in size or platinum content. Big units from trucks contain more platinum than, say, little ones that come from hybrid cars. In order to determine their value, they have to be tested by a qualified precious metal testing facility like Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners.

  • You need to collect a large quantity of them before you recycle them – 500 or more. Then to test and extract the platinum they contain, you have to ship them to us. We make that as convenient as possible – call us at 800-426-2344 and ask about the shipping solutions we provide. But even at that, dealing with shipping and transport can be a hassle.

How about Other Kinds of Platinum Scrap?

There are many varieties, including platinum filings, bench scrapings and even floor sweepings from factories. You can read about many of them on other posts on this blog.  If you find the right scrap in one place (like an old factory), you can stand to make a lot of money by having us recycle it for you. But finding it can be a challenge. It is more of a lucky event than an investment strategy.

Why Used Sputtering Targets Could Be a Better Choice for You

After they have served their useful life in plating equipment, many sputtering targets still contain platinum that can be worth $5.00, $10.00 or more to you. (Please note that not all sputtering targets contain platinum, so find out what you are buying before you buy anything.) And due to the nature of sputtering targets, it is easier to get ahold of that money than it is with many other investments. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Sputtering targets are small. You don’t need a shed to store them. You can keep a few hundred of them in a plastic storage box. (Try that with catalytic converters.)

  • Obtaining them, while complicated, is not impossible. If you can find manufacturers that use them to plate platinum onto other surfaces, you can negotiate to buy their used targets.

  • Shipping is easy and convenient. Call Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners at 800-426-2344 to learn more.

And the Best News of All Is . . .

The trading price of platinum seems poised to rise. Today could be the best day ever to start buying up used sputtering targets. They could offer higher profit margins than any other kind of platinum scrap you can find today.

Call us at 800-426-2344 to discuss your options.

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