Why the Ugliest Platinum Holiday Gifts Are the Most Beautiful of All

Let’s say that you want to give your favorite person a really special present for the holidays – something that stands out. Let’s also assume that you want to give a present that is made of platinum, because platinum is especially beautiful and memorable.

Okay, you are going to buy a memorable platinum gift. So here are two ways you can do that . .

Choice One: You Buy Something Brand New in a Box

It could be a platinum or platinum-plated ring that you buy for $300, $400 or more. Or maybe you want to “go big” and buy a beautiful platinum watch. Rolex makes a really nice one that sells for about $30,000. That might be a good choice. You are a really generous person.

Okay, it’s your choice. But let’s roll the clock and assume that after a year or so, that special person confesses to you that the present wasn’t exactly what he or she wanted. Or maybe he or she just got fired and would like to raise some money by selling your present. It’s too late to return it to the store where you bought it, but since you’re a resourceful person, you offer to sell it.

Then comes the big surprise. That $300 ring you bought will sell for only about $150 on eBay. And that Rolex will have lost about $4,000 of value, maybe more, because it is now used.

Choice Two: You Give a Gift of Platinum Scrap

Instead of a new ring or watch, you give that special person a batch of platinum scrap. That might sound a little crazy, because chances are the scrap will be ugly, like a storage bin full of discolored old laboratory testing equipment, a pile of used sputtering targets that were once used in plating operations at a factory, or a tangle of old thermocouple wires. That’s all ugly stuff, let’s face it. But you can simply give an itemized certificate that explains what your gift is. You don’t have to giftwrap it or put it under the holiday tree.

But even though your gift might be ugly, it has a hidden beauty that a new ring or Rolex watch cannot match, because it will increase in value, not drop. When that special friend or partner of yours decides to reclaim its value, he or she can simply have it recycled by us at Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners. Your $300 present could turn into a $400 gift or a $500 gift . . . who knows? (We know, and we will tell you after we test your scrap for you.)

Better yet, you can send the scrap to us now. We will tell you what it contains, and we will hold it for you and recycle it when you give us the green light to do so. And chances are your best friend, partner or family member will be excited and pleased.

Sound like a better holiday giving idea? We think so. Call us at 800-426-2344 to discuss your platinum recycling options with us.

It just goes to show you that the ugliest platinum presents could be the most beautiful of all.

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